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Abortion is the deliberate destruction of an unborn baby.  Ask any mother-to-be who is happy with the situation what is happening to her body and she will tell you she is pregnant or expecting a baby.  She will not say she has a fertilised egg inside her, and is waiting for it to travel from the fallopian tube where it was fertilised by a single sperm to the womb, where it will implant and begin to grow, at which point she will be pregnant.  Neither will she mention that she has a lump of cells growing in her body or even a foetus.  She will declare that it is a baby from the very beginning, no matter what the technical terms may be.

For those women in a crisis situation where, for whatever reason, the pregnancy is unplanned then a different language is used.  The word baby is avoided and pictures of the developing child are definitely not shown.  Neither are pictures of babies that have been killed by abortion.  Women are told abortion is the compassionate solution to their problems, and sadly, even many Christians in the Church follow this line.  Is it compassionate to kill an unborn child, no matter what its age?  Is it therefore compassionate to kill a born child due to imperfections?  Who decrees which baby is perfect and which baby fails the test?  Christians should encourage and support all mothers to care for their child, no matter what the situation of the child's conception.

The modern idea of women's rights over the unborn child's right to life needs to be challenged.  There needs to be a return to our being a nation where mothers are honoured for staying at home with their children and raising them to be valuable members of society, who will in turn raise their children respecting all women and not allowing them to be the sex objects society has decreed them to be.

The very act of abortion destroys something within each woman - the maternal instinct.  The more 'abortions' a woman has the more her heart is hardened and the harder it becomes to love her born children, her spouse or partner and especially herself.  Many women suffer from Post Abortion Syndrome following an abortion - denial being the most common symptom as the mother has to prevent herself from admitting that she has killed her child whom she should have protected.  It can take many years, if ever, for the denial to break.

There are a number of centres about that seek to help women following an abortion, but any centre that offers abortion as an option to an unplanned or crisis pregnancy does not fully understand the psychological dynamics of abortion.  The killing of a child by abortion is wrong and should never be seen as an option.  There also can never be any justification for the action by anyone despite what the circumstances might be or have been.  Unless a mother can admit she did wrong by having an abortion - an action that destroyed her child - she can never receive full healing.

Abortion also affects subconsciously or consciously, the father of the child, the grandparents, current and future siblings of the aborted baby, the medical staff who carry out the procedure, anyone who encourages it and anyone who fails to try and prevent it taking place once they know that a decision to kill a child by abortion has been reached.

Relationships can and often do break down.  Secrecy, silence and lying become a way of life.  Trust in others is lost or severely damaged.  The sheer numbers of abortions that have been carried out, approximately one in four women, means that everyone knows someone who has had an abortion, even if they are not aware of the fact.  In any large group or crowd or congregation there will be at least one mother, if not more, living with the knowledge that she has killed a child by abortion.  She may not have any other children, in fact, she may be unable to have any other children, but that doesn't alter the fact that she is a mother, albeit of a dead and not a living child.

Each person, however, has to take responsibility for their own actions or inactions.  Talking to someone about a past abortion is often the hardest action any grieving mother (or father) can do.  In the short term the pain of the decision and the consequences have to be faced and dealt with.  But the release this gives is well worth the effort in the long term.

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Please visit May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion, if you have been affected by a baby being killed by abortion, or if you know someone who has.

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